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Naturalena Foundation

In addition to partnering with brands for success in the US market, NBI Trading also supports the Naturalena Foundation.

The Naturalena Foundation strives to ensure that everyone in our communities, especially those who are underserved, have access to the essential sanitation products that all people deserve. From providing donations to partnering with local organizations, we are dedicated to helping individuals and families lead their happiest and healthiest lives.

Supporting Community Organizations​

Using donations from NBI Trading, staff, customers and the wider community, the Foundation can provide one-off donations to community organizations supporting vulnerable communities.​ The Foundation is committed to providing products where need is highest.​ To date, they have provided more than 10 million sanitary products to improve sanitation for more than 2 million women.​

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Fists in Solidarity

Public-Private Partnerships​

The Naturalena Foundation works hand-in-hand with governments at all levels who are providing funding to purchase sanitary products.​

By partnering with the Foundation, we can ensure that government funding goes further working with policy makers to leverage that funding and provide additional products to other vulnerable groups. ​

Delivering for Foundations​

Improving access to period and incontinence products, diapers and baby wipes helps address health and equality issues many other Foundations also focus on.​

Partnering with the Naturalena Foundation will ensure that charitable funds go further and help to deliver improved outcomes to many more in the community.

To find out more about supporting the Naturalena Foundation, visit

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